Diddy (aka Lamaze Princess Sophie)

Diddy - Before and After
I have to take my hat off to Lamaze toys.  We bought quite a mountain of them when S was born almost 5 years ago and they have been (L)amazing (see what I did there?).  We've sold some that they girls have grown out of now on eBay and they've looked as good as new.

There is an exception though...and for very good reason.  Diddy, also known as Princess Sophie.

We bought this for S just after she was born.  You may guess that there is a connection here between the toy and our daughter *smile*.  However, whilst she was mildly interested in the colours and playing with her at times, her big love from very early on was her blankie bear (he still is).

When N was born, we passed all the lovely Lamaze toys to her and, like a little limpit, she went for Princess Sophie and adopted her as her own very special toy.  She loves her more than anything.  Her name is now "Diddy".  Here's an old blog piece I wrote in 2011 about her.

Diddy was supposed to be attached to a cot or pram by the rather neat 'hook' but N never liked this, oh no.  Diddy had to be held and cuddled.  All we could hear when she was moved from the Moses basket to the cot was this almighty clanking of the hook being bashed around.  We were convinced she'd give herself a right thud with it but she never has done - the rest of us, however, have been bumped and bashed by it too many times to count.  Heaven help us too if Diddy drops out of bed in the night now as N won't go back to sleep without her.

Now there is just one thing you should know about N's form of cuddling of this lovely dolly.  She does it upside down, rubbing and sniffing her feet! Yep, you heard me.  Poor Diddy has spent her life with her feet in the air, skirt over her head hanging upside down.

How she lives her life
She comes everywhere with N, feet first! She's been on holiday, in the car, around the supermarket, even geocaching!  The cutest thing is that if N can't find her she puts her hand to her mouth and calls "Diddy, where are you?" and then puts her hand to her ear expecting an answer.

So, Lamaze, Diddy...sorry, Princess Sophie is almost 5 years old and still going strong. I'd love to know if you have any others still being so well loved on a daily basis as this little bio-hazard doll.


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