Enjoy "Big School" my Little Girl

So, today was the day.  Big school has officially started for you. How exciting.

For the past (almost) 5 years I have had you with me pretty much all the time.

When you were 3 we put you into a fabulous pre-school so that you could have fun with other girls, and get the lovely introduction to learning that we knew you would like.  So for 3 mornings a week, N and I were on our own, always waiting for you to join us at lunchtime.  A morning goes past very quickly.

You had tears about starting 'big school' the last few nights but today you were excited to put on your new uniform and go. It is a bonus that your favourite colour is purple and that's the new school colour for your book bag, PE kit and cardigan, as well as the cutest little purple check summer dress that you said you might like to wear tomorrow.  We live close enough now that you can cycle or scoot to school to so that will be fun won't it.

Daddy and I took you to school while Eddie's mummy looked after N.  Your new Head Teacher came and escorted you to your new classroom holding your hand all the way - a nice touch - then she handed you over to your new class teacher as daddy and I stood back a little.

We walked around with you while you were shown where to put your PE kit/coat/cardigan, another shelf for your lovely ladybird lunchbox, another for your heart wellies, another for your book bag and finally a little peg to show the teachers what you wanted to play with and whether that was inside or out.

I forgot to ask where the toilets were which was one of the things that had worried you. I was a bit overwhelmed and so was daddy. I'm sure the teacher won't keep the toilet a secret though.

You smiled and headed off to play as we were gently told "Mummy and daddy are going now".  We are counting down until 3pm when we can collect you.

What a change this is going to be for us all.  We have enjoyed having 'term time' to go out  with you and N without everywhere being crowded.

We have loved Toddler Splash at our local swimming pool.

We visited your favourite place - RHS Wisley Gardens - multiple times every month (as everyone can see from the crazy amount of posts of flowers on this blog).

We didn't have the alarm set every day.


So, my little big girl, enjoy "big school".  Have fun.

Paint and draw us wonderful pictures.

Love every minute of learning more about letters and numbers.  Enjoy learning to write. Show us all the wonderful things you have made and tell us of the things you have done during your day.

Bring home a book for us to read together (if N will stay quiet enough for us to hear it) and show us how you are learning to read.

Make friends.  Be good.

Remember always that we love you so much and are so very, very proud of you.

Mummy and Daddy


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