Geocaching in Maidenhead

Gate to nowhere
 Yesterday, J and I headed off to Maidenhead to pick up a few geocaches.  It's been a stressful couple of days for me (or should I say evenings/nights) with the youngest two of late so hubby arrived home from work early to give me a bit of time to relax.

Our first was a quick stop in a road I've never been down before (nice houses) and a little stroll back to the Gate to Nowhere.  We spotted it as we went past and, as you can see from the picture, it really is a gate to nowhere. I wonder what was once here?

Took us a few minutes to locate the cache, which was done when I stuck my head through the middle part much to J's amusement.

Guards Park
Away we went again and parked up near the Thames to pick up another couple of caches. First was the lovely On Guard at the Park (another place I never knew existed).  It took us a few minutes to locate the cache but it was soon in hand.  We sat on a nearby bench to sign it.  There was a little bridge that led over to an island but we decided to not go explore that today, as we had already decided to walk along the riverside to our next find.

Away we went to find Where the trains go by, by, by (8).  The stroll over the bridge and down the roadway was nice and we were soon by the bridge.  It was interesting to read about the two main spans and of course J had to try the echo out underneath, which certainly worked well.

A party boat went past as we were approaching our final location. It was a very sedate party though - no booze cruise here - as most of the travellers must have been 60+.  They were clearly having a good time though and the sun had made an appearance.

A fisherman watched us as we strolled along but was fortunately distracted enough as we neared GZ.  I made the grab as J does not like spiders/webs and we soon had the log signed.  Afterwards we went and sat on the big steps nearby and watched some boats going up and down, and pondered on how much the houses opposite with their own moorings would be worth.

A few caches to finish our day and a lovely time with my teen.  Well worth a little Sunday stroll.


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