Wisley apples and pears

Here comes trouble!
On Friday of last week, N and I decided to have a nice walk around together at our favourite place, RHS Wisley.  I wanted a bit of fresh air and to wear those little legs out so what better place to go.

Now smell these ones mummy

As usual, N took the lead and away we went.  She had me crouching down sniffing lots of roses before we saw a sign saying that you could pick your own fruit that day, but sadly later than we could stay.

No, this one isn't any good
N was a bit disappointed about this but with fruit dropping everywhere, I suggested that we could see if we could find a little apple on the ground for her.  Her face lit up.

Off we went through the orchards and the first thing she found was a pear in the 'market garden' area.  I was amazed how good it looked as I was expecting her to pick it up and see it all rotten on one side.  I suggested she put it down but no way was she having this. Trust me Wisley, you do not want to see her tantrums *grin*

Look at the size of this apple
Off we toddled to the orchard and she found two apples that were good (ok, admittedly, she picked up lots that weren't) and therefore she came away with 3 pieces of fruit.

Look what I found!
I hope I won't get in trouble for that!

A quick wander around the Glasshouse, spotting a sleeping duck first, before we headed home.

She loved the big red apple and ate it as soon as we got in.  The pear is sitting on our windowsill in the hope it will ripen and the other apple she carried carefully all the way home then dropped on our stone kitchen floor. Typical huh?

We never knew you could do fruit picking at Wisley so we'll keep an eye out for it next time. The girls would adore picking their own fruit and I think that's a great thing to get children into.  What a fun but educational experience at the same time.


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