Wisley - more sculptures and getting ready for the Flower Show

We popped over to RHS Wisley today to have an hours walk around and some fresh air. We also wanted to see the sculptures that we had missed last time and how the preparations for the Flower Show were coming along.

Sadly, this is the last weekday I can take S with me as she starts 'big school' tomorrow so we will be limited to weekends and school holidays with her *sniff*

Things are certainly in full flow for the Wisley Flower Show which commences tomorrow (4th September - 8th September inclusive).

The stands were being laid out, displays organised and a there was a real buzz about the place.

If you've never been to the Wisley Flower Show, you really should get along.  There are some amazing displays and inspirational ideas.

Our favourite place

Getting ready

Tomatoes outside the Conservatory Cafe

Colour already appearing
Sisters and best friends
Robin on a Fork (£300) - very cute
The girls enjoyed trying to work out what some of the sculptures were.  S said these two looked like candles.

N said this was a cabbage and why would someone make a rock cabbage.  They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder don't they *grin*

It was extremely busy inside the Glasshouse. The cut flower displays were all being prepared and quite a few areas were cordoned off. It was lovely to see all the work going into the presentations and we are looking forward to seeing many of the final creations during the Show itself.

Sushi?  No, flowers!  Amazing displays

Diving In - very appropriate (£1,200)

Preparations through the waterfall
This plant fascinated the girls. They said it looked like some kind of spidery bug.  I thought it looked quite like an alien (think The Abyss).

Of course no walk around the Glasshouse would be complete without me sighing and smiling at the beautiful orchids on display.


Stunning pink Passion Flower

These reminded me of War of the Worlds
Scary woman!

The displays were coming on great guns over this side. People were pushing and pulling carts of beautiful flowers along and setting up their tents.

S said this statue looked like a fairy because of the wings. She wanted to know where her arms were and said she could not use a wand properly without hands.  Fair comment. N wanted to know why she was bald.
Ephemora (Mayfly) £1,250

Rearing Horse £995
Yes £1,100
Skyform £1,600

African Heads

Man for All Seasons £280

Tattooed Lady £295 - where?

Made from bicycle chains - fabulous (£215)

Saved £1,900

Girl with Plait £2,500
If you're thinking my memory was terrific in getting the proper names and titles for some of the sculptures, don't be fooled. I remembered to pick up a Surrey Sculpture Society Trail leaflet this time!

If you are off to the Flower Show, enjoy yourselves.  You may well spot a little flower fairy in the shape of N wandering around with us over the next few days.


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