Hemel Hills

It was like a ravine over there
Went over to see friends with the girls today as hubby was working and we were going to pick up a few geocaches around Hemel Hempstead.  I had no idea it was so hilly (although I have been there before quite a few times in the car - never walking though).

The storm was due today so we were being a bit cautious and keeping an eye on the weather but under blue skies and a bit of wind, we set off and it was the same when we arrived.  Perfect caching weather - not too hot.

Having had a drink and a natter, we jumped into two cars to go to Antscroff's cache, Whomping Walk, which was local.  I had to find this one.   GPS was bouncing around under the trees on the footpath when we arrived and S and I headed up a bit further to look before it swung back around.  By this time, N, who was with G, had spotted the cache and claimed it.  Not bad for a 2 year old!  She did a wonderful replace but tried to push it too far in and I thought for a moment she was going to follow it to its resting place as she went head first down.  Fortunately she was ok with just a little scratch to show for her stumble.  

Back in the cars, dropping one off (why were we in two?) and off we went to Felden to pick up a few on a little circuit we had spotted. Nice convenient bit of parking and away we headed up the hill.  We got to the top and saw...another hill.  How hilly is this place?

Our first cache was Staggering to Bovington #18 Deep in the Rough.  Which pub had the CO's been to or were heading for we wondered.  I'd not be too keen to stagger anywhere round here for fear of rolling down the hill and ending up on the M1 heading to Milton Keynes!  Yes, it was steep. Did I mention that?
A nice easy spot for N again.  Nevermind having the name Bashtastic - it should be changed to Cachetastic now don't you think?  Signed Team MadAnts for us all (saves putting 5 names in the small log and seems to sum us up).

Away we went to Staggering to Bovington #17 Big Old Holly which was aptly named.  A good spot by Ant, all signed and away we went.

Staggering to Bovington #16 Bury Wood was next on the list.  An easy find for the two little cachers who enjoyed showing us oldies how it is done.  Delighted to find some swaps which they always enjoy.

Staggering to Bovington #15 Herts Way took us up past some nice houses and yep, up a bit more of a hill. We'll need oxygen soon! However, the rain started a little and we decided that it would be better to head back towards the car in case of the storm arriving earlier than planned.  A quick spot for the cache and we were off back down the road.  At least it was downhill all the way now.

Back to A's house for some well deserved soup and crusty rolls and another chat before we decided to walk our late lunch off by collecting a couple of local caches.  Yes, they were uphill.  How did you guess?  The friends had both done the first one so off I went to find He ain't heavy, hes my breathren which was a very quick spot. Felt a bit obvious though. Little cachers stayed on the other side of the road.  Two TBs in the box so I decided to take them both as hubby and I are off on caching adventures next week during half term so we can move them both on quickly.

Just around the corner was one more cache that G and I could find. G had tried this before without success so we thought we'd give it a go. As we almost reached GZ, the drizzle started again but G had not put her waterproof back on so we'd have to make this quick. GZ was an interesting place indeed so we set about searching for Squirrel Paradise Island hoping the locals didn't think we were a weird bunch ambling from tree to tree.  After a good look around most of the suspects, nothing was to hand so I ventured over to the most likely one again.  Looking around I suddenly spotted something laying on the ground about 3 feet from the tree. There was the cache.  Previous logs had said it was on the ground too and had been replaced by those finders so I'm guessing that the squirrels do not like this foreign object around their homes and are tossing it out.  G and I signed and I popped it back in a likely looking place, hoping it was wedged in enough this time.  Rain falling a little heavier now so back to A's for a few minutes before we jumped in our car to head home having had a very nice walk around.


  1. LOL this had me laughing a lot. We have been caching a couple of times in Hemel in the last few weeks and I blogged about the hills too. http://washknight.wordpress.com/2013/10/17/caching-in-hemel-hills-trees-hills-trees-hills-trees/ You write great blog entries.


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