Shamley Green Amble

Off we go
J has headed off with the cousins to Chessington today (fright night type event) so we decided fresh air was needed and jumped into the car to walk a ring at Shamley Green, near Guildford.  A lovely village indeed.

Parked up opposite the church, having overshot the car park twice!  You just couldn't see it at the top of the hill and the church was set back from the road so we only saw it when heading back into the village after we realised we'd now left it!

It always makes me laugh in car parks. The whole thing was empty bar our car.  Two others pulled in as we were setting off and guess where they parked?  Yep, one either side of my car!  They even got out chatting to each other to take their dogs for a walk.  Aren't people funny.

SGB Shamley Green Bipedal Motion 01 was our first cache of the day. A nice little walk from the car park but the GPS decided to play up and take us around 20m past the actual location. A bit of too-ing and fro-ing and suddenly I spotted it.  Dropped off a little yellow duck TB I'd picked up in Hemel to carry on it's journey.  I was a bit thrown as I put my hand into my rucksack pocket to find it and there was no sign.  Slightly perplexed, I emptied the pocket and then realised there was a hole either side of it.  Putting my hand into the lining of the rucksack, I found the two TBs, my tweezers (wondered where they had gone) and an old shopping list (as you do).

SGB 02 was a very quick spot as there really weren't many places it could be to be honest!  As I signed the log I suddenly realised I'd forgotten to sign SGB 01 as I was hunting the TBs down in my rucksack.  Oops!

SGB 03 was a relatively quick spot too and the girls retrieved this one as the dog walkers headed back having had their walk.  Dropped off a 2nd TB from Hemel in here and away we went up the little road.  S was hungry and had a sandwich and N was complaining already about being tired and her legs aching. This is the norm when we are doing something she doesn't want to do.  I suggested if she was that tired she had better not go to her little friend's Halloween party tonight but she said she wasn't that tired.  Umm...

SGB 04 was another quick spot in an obvious place.  Lovely houses around here and such a nice, quiet area.

SGB 05 I thought I saw a good place as the GPS took me past and into a bit of treeline where a small stream was running.  However, once I had crouched under the branches, snagging my rucksack, it decided to point back to where I'd come from. Yeah, thanks.  Back I trundled and there was the cache in the place I'd glanced at as we'd come past.  All signed and back in place. Neat little hide.

SGB 06 was to be my 600th cache (yippee - does a little dance).  Nice easy spot along a piece of road with no paths.  Clearly the locals are used to driving slowly around here, thankfully, so we waited for a passing car before carrying on our walk.

SGB 07 was a quick spot but owch! the prickles and stingers while making the retrieve. More sandwich and crisps by the alleyway before we went through. Wonder what the householders must have thought of this strange family picnicking standing on the pavement passing out food.

SGB 08 was a quick spot by hubby as we approached.  Different side to the one I thought it would be on though.  N was now asking to go home and we explained we were going back to the car but neglected to mention the large circle we were walking in.

Off we went to SGB 09 but at the end of the road, N was getting really grouchy so we decided to call it a day before poor hubby had to carry her around the rest of the ring and cross over and head back, taking in the back part of the loop.

We sat on the bench while hubby took a look at Cricket Pitch Micro #21 Shamley Green but said there didn't appear to be anything there.  I took a cursory look too but considering the clue and comments from previous DNF's, it seemed to be gone again. With people working on the house opposite and the position of the cache, seems maybe someone was getting rid of it.  Posted a DNF for this one.

SGB 25 we seemed to manage to get to via a different route as we were not following the main circuit now. The footpath had warning signs to carry on at your own peril due to a dangerous tree that they were awaiting tree surgeons for.  The GPS settled at GZ nicely though and there was the obvious location.  Nothing. Just in case I was going mad (and seeing the hint), I checked the other end of the gate too. Hubby checked the opposite gate just in case. Nothing there. There was a new padlock on the gate so think it probably had been removed.  Logged another DNF here.

SGB 26 also appeared to be missing.  The clue was very straight-forward and yet there was nothing here either.  As there really wasn't anywhere else to look, another DNF, rather frustratingly, was logged.

We headed back to the church and S wanted to look around so we took her for a walk around the grave stones. She wanted to know who the people were and then looked at the poppy crosses by the War Memorial.  Finishing up we crossed the road and I collected Church Micro 754 Shamley Green quickly while hubby got the girls wellies off in the car.

A good walk and we'll be back to finish off the loop soon.


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