Cough, croak, wheeze but I have a PowerMonkey

PowerMonkey rules
You guessed it. Illness is sweeping the house as tends to happen at any time of year where we, as a family, actually get some quality time together.  Why do the bugs know this too?

First S had a bit of a cough and cold but she got over it quite quickly, well before Christmas.

N started her cough on 23rd December and it's become worse.  An incident on Boxing Day where she seemed to struggle for breath between coughing meant we ended up with a (very nice) paramedic being sent out to us by the computer at the new 111 service.  The flow-chart said we needed one. I was hesitant as if I thought she'd been that bad I'd have taken her to A&E but the lady on the phone was insistent.  He arrived, did some checks, noted that she was drawing breath in quite hard but by that time I'd used an inhaler the doctor provided some years before and she was getting better.  Throat a bit sore but only a mild temperature.  Kept an eye on her overnight.  She was brighter the next day but then by the afternoon the cough got worse and at 5pm I took her to the doctors.  She has a bit of a chest infection (although not wheezy) so has
antibiotics now.

I can hardly speak. I'm pretty sure my husband is pleased about that secretly.  I'm croaking away and puffing away (due to my asthma) but not needing the doctor yet.  Strepsils and Beechams are the order of the day.  You may wonder what this has to do with the picture?  Well, I got a PowerMonkey for Christmas. If you don't know what that is, it's a great rechargeable gizmo that can plug into almost any device you can imagine and give it a charge/power it for a period of hours.  Why am I so excited about this?  Well, I'm going to use it for geocaching of course but being ill, I can't get out to do any...arghhhh!!!!

We are going stir crazy.  None of us are good at being stuck in the house even when surrounded by a plethora of toys or feeling too rotten to go out anyway.  I'm hoping we'll all be better next week and able to get out and about again.

Don't think we'll be awake at midnight on New Year's Eve so I'll wish you a happy one now.


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