Jingle Bells

Two very excited children on Christmas Eve.  Unfortunately our plans of Santa filling the stockings as we went to bed were dashed by N's rotten, hacking cough.  I had already given her some cough medicine and Calpol but she was having a right old time of it. Oh no, hopefully she won't be unwell for Christmas Day!

I set the alarm for 1am in the hope that she would have settled well enough by then.  S, on the top bunk, was fast asleep (they ignore each other's noise completely). I then thought maybe I'd better set the alarm for 3am too in case the cough was still going on at 1.  Finally, having not had any sleep anyway as I was in and out for her cough, hubby and I stuffed the stockings and put them back on the beds.  Unfortunately we need bigger stockings for next year as most of the presents didn't fit so we laid them next to the stockings.

We now went to sleep hoping the girls didn't wake at 4am!

Fortunately for us, they didn't get up until 7.30am which was brilliant.  You can imagine the squeals as they saw their stockings and then came out of their bedroom to see Santa had left some crumbs of his mince pie and Rudolph had eaten the carrot (those two can certainly eat - just think how many houses they visit).

Down we came to Christmas music and opening presents.  All the gifts went down really well and they have been happily playing with just about everything since

Happy Christmas to you all.


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