One geocache at a time

I got out!
Croaking away today still but decided to go and get a geocache.  Dug the teen out of her room and off we went together while hubby looked after the little ones.  We had a nice walk to the site chatting away and then headed into the woods.

I'd managed to solve this puzzle about 8 months ago but had kept it for an odd day I needed as it's local.  Today was the day so Barley Mow Tavern here we come.

First tree we came too looked a likely suspect and I spotted a place to stick my arm but nothing there despite a good root around.  Wondered off a bit further but nothing else looked good for a hiding place.

Back to the tree and then teen saw another option to put your arm in.  She didn't fancy doing it despite spotting the cache so I did.  Nice easy retrieve.

Hooray, another box on my caching days completed.  Not that I'm likely to get my 365/6 days of caching for another few years at least I'd imagine as I have most of January and nearly all of February (remember the snow we've had then for the past few years?) to do.

We walked back a different way taking us in a complete circle which was nice.  Unfortunately we hadn't put our wellies on and it got a bit..err...muddy on the way back. I think I'll need to wash J's baseball boots in the machine!  She mentioned about water squelching around her toes...nice.

Just a tad muddy

Next one I need now is New Year's Eve so no doubt I'll potter out to get that one too with her.

Looking forward to catching up with my bestie in the New Year and putting the PowerMonkey to go use!


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