Stenciling the walls

We recently bought the girls bunk beds.  Unfortunately they aren't quite the colour I wanted (looking more for pine) but at the bargain price they were, colour became less important.

Before summer when hubby is likely to sand them down and varnish in a lighter colour, I thought it would be fun to find some wall stickers. However, having read all about them, it seems that most don't stick well to walls and peel off.  Some are hard to apply and others you need to glue on. None of which appealed.

I therefore decided to paint some stencils on the bunks.  You know, make the dark wood look like...well, a tree...and add some owls and leaves, etc.  I therefore looked for some suitable images.

I found some gorgeous looking owl stencils on eBay and duly ordered them.  Unfortunately when they arrived, the owls were too big for the head of the beds or the rails. I really should have got my tape measure out as the lady who provided them could tailor to most other sizes. Oh well.

The girls were excited about the stencils so I decided to do the wall instead.  Give it a splash more colour.

It took a day to do but I'm pleased with the result.

S said that she can't see these stencils properly from her bed (the top bunk) so they are N's.  She therefore wants her own.  Over the last two days I have done her 3 owls on branches too right next to her bed rail.  She is delighted and I'm pretty pleased.

A nice way to brighten up a room and add some little fun characters.


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