Blowing the cobwebs away

Yesterday we took the opportunity to get out - between the storms - and have a walk around Wisley together.  The sun was out, the sky was blue and it certainly wasn't cold. Amazing weather considering how much it has rained recently.

It seemed many people had the same idea as the car parks were extremely full and one of them quite flooded too.

I don't think I've seen Wisley this busy for a long time but they are very efficient at the ticket/membership booths so by the time I'd found my purse with membership card, we were at the booth and away.

The girls led the way and we had a walk around the 'new' part of Wisley we had discovered. Some of it was taped off due to the ground being very marshy and Natasha slipped over once.

 We weren't there long as little legs got tired due to being housebound so much lately I'm sure but at least we got out.

Friends over to play when we got home so it was a fun day.  Glad to be over our coughs, colds and chest infections!


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