Of couse we look suspicious on footpaths

If you spot people grovelling around this alleyway...
My friend G came down to have a catch up and a spot of light lunch with us today before going off to buy some more chickens (but that's another story).

We had a good old natter, tried (and failed) to install a few fun apps on our phones - the problem being she is on an iPhone and I'm Android - and then, as we do, headed off for a couple of quick caches.  It would be rude for us to meet up and not go walkabout even if a bit of urban caching was on the cards.

We drove to just outside Woking and parked up.  Thankfully no restrictions on a Sunday and were right by the footpath leading to the first cache we wanted to find - Bullet #1.  Stolling along nattering, we were soon at GZ.  Having read the clue and searched the couple of likely items on the opposite side to where the compass pointed (well, you never know) we set ourselves in for the big search.  Down low said the clue. How low was 'low' though?  I decided it could be anything from 3' downwards and worked on that basis.  We took an end of the railing set each and started, working in towards each other having first checked that it wasn't exactly where our respective compasses were pointing!  We had to stop intermittently as this was quite a busy footpath.  Unfortunately, I was crouched down and G was bent over with the pair of us intently touch searching the metal at almost ground level when that typical sneaky pedestrian was upon us.  He gave us the most peculiar look as we both grinned at him.  He was not amused. I thought that most people would find it perfectly natural for two women to be searching the ground in an alleyway over a railway line on a Sunday afternoon....or is that just me?

Our little digits were getting cold so we decided, having met each other in the middle more than once, to call it a day.  We headed back down the footpath to Bullet #2.  As we approached a couple of young lads cycled past us and stopped at the other side of the road, clearly at one of their houses. We had to be discreet. Up high was the clue.  We had at least 2 obvious objects and went in for the search.  There was a shopping trolley parked next to one and I wondered if we needed it to reach high enough...surely not?  G went around the corner and was burped at by some old fella who had clearly been to the local hostelry and was on his way home.  Not really what she expected - although he was happy enough.  We did some more searching but with fingers beginning to numb, we decided that 0 out of 2 was our score so far. I logged another DNF.  Damn.

Off we went for our final one - Bullet #3.  This was only a 1 star rating so if we failed here, I think we'd have to give up caching!  However, after a stroll around/through the housing, G made an instant spot at GZ.  Hooray, 1 out of 3.  Signed and back we headed to the car.

As we approached #2 from the opposite direction, I spotted it instantly.  How had we missed this?  Having now read the logs, it looks like there was another cacher around today too and s/he had found it on the ground and put it back where they thought it belonged.  That's why we hadn't seen it - we had been looking high only.  Well done them and hopefully it was in the right place for us to make the find (it seemed to fit well). Signed the log and away we went feeling slightly more chuffed even if a little colder.  Back for some soup in a bowl to cuddle now to warm up our hands.


  1. Hey There Krista! I know its an old thread.. your daughter bumping her Teeth and them turning grey, I was reading it and wanted to ask you a quick q?!! I hope you don't mind! One of my twin Girls did the same thing, and Ive been searching like crazy for reassurance they will return to normal and stumbled on your blog.. When they returned to normal colour did they go a yellow brown colour first and then back to white?

    Once again I hope you don't mind me messaging you!

    Jennifer (Australia)

    1. Hi Jennifer, no problem. They have stayed a slightly yellow colour. I did not expect them to go white again but it's not very noticeable to anyone else, just us as we can tell. However, they appear nice and strong still and our dentist never has an issue with them at check-up time. Hope that helps. K

  2. Thank you so much for replying!.. My Daughters are at the stage of Half grey toward the root area, although they have been like that now a week or so, Probably at their darkest for a few days then began to lighten up to an off white on the tips.. I hope the lightening continues, she had the most gorgeous smile.. I really appreciate your response!

    :) Jen


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