Smokin' under water

My uni - nothing at all to do with caching but a nice pic
I decided to check one of my caches today with all the flooding that has been happening locally.  Fortunately in Woking we've not been too badly hit, but as the cache is in woodland, I expected to find some saturation. I was not wrong.  Approaching GZ, the cache was indeed under water. Fortunately I could just see the tip of it from it's small, newly formed pond environment.  A stick was needed to help me make the retrieve.

I had wondered why some finders had said it may have broken Groundspeak rules. I know why now.  The original 'tube' that I had found for it to sit in - something that was already poking its head above ground - had gone and the cache was therefore planted into the ground.  Fair comment but also slightly debatable I think as I've found many caches that are bottle tops, snails, etc stuck to tubes that are most definitely in the earth.  A mute point anyway as the cache was getting close to needing scuba equipment to retrieve so it was moving house.

I had a good look around for somewhere to place it.  Lots of likely looking areas but nothing quite right for my container. Umm...what to do.  I also wanted to try and find somewhere relatively dry under current conditions. No point relocating it to another pond was there!  I finally found somewhere close by that was, quite honestly, as good as it was going to get.  It's not ideal but I know that there are a couple of other puzzle and multis that finish near mine so I couldn't make too much of a move.

I didn't want to change its D/T rating as I appreciate people rely on caches staying the same for their grids and have seen a lot about it recently on forums.  I found a suitable location but I think the D is far easier now.  I'll let others judge it for me and if it is, I'll archive the original to let people keep the D/T for their grids and put a new one in this location.  I think that's fair.

So, off I come home to find that my phone has done something nuts and decided I was in a totally different location when I put the coordinates in.  Great.  Today I went back and got the correct coordinates so at least people can find it without wading around in the wrong area about 3 miles away!

As for the picture, well it's got nothing to do with the cache. I was just at uni this morning and the light and mist looked so nice.  Wonder if I can place a Royal Holloway cache?


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