Snail Mail Again

A quick cache and dash yesterday with J in Maidenhead.

It was pouring with rain and pitch dark by 4.30pm so the cache we were going to get we decided against.  It was down a footpath about 200m from where we could park and we didn't fancy (a) the walk in the rain or (b) trying to do it in the dark (we didn't have torches).

We therefore headed off to Burchett's Green in Maidenhead and parked up at the local pub to make a quick collect.

At first J thought it was real as it was wet from the rain too but then realised it wasn't.

Whoopie, another box marked on my caching grid for the year.  I am going to try and fill in as much as I can of the grid during 2014 for the 365/6 days of caching challenge.  I have quite a task in front of me as I have most of February and March to complete in full!  However, I'm pleased to say lots of new local caches have appeared so if I keep those for my 'one-a-day' I shouldn't have to travel too far.


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