Swept away!

I dragged J out today to come get a cache with me to fill in another day on my grid (yeah, I know, I have tons to fill in but so what).  She was the best teenage daughter you could wish for today and got dressed in 5 minutes, not even putting on make-up (shock-horror) to come out with me.

Away we went to Chobham where I had seen the Watery Lane cache and wasn't sure it was suitable to go to with the whole family.  As it turned out, parking was easy down the nearby lane and we hopped out and popped on our wellies.  GPS was pointing across the road to where the stream was running pretty quickly.

We just knew we were going to wade for this one so J got straight into the water. It nearly pulled her feet from under her by the main bit of the bridge but she wasn't going to be deterred.  She started the search.  This was going to be fun.  She did ask me what I would do if she fell in. I thought for a split-second and gave her my honest, loving mummy response - "laugh my head off".  She considered this "typical" of me and we carried on looking.

I decided with her covering one side, I'd hit the other. Boy that water tried to take your feet away as I entered from the bank behind.  J wondered if it was going to be right underneath. Why not?  That's where I would have put it!  She started to look but as I turned around to do a cursory sweep of the location, I spotted the cache.  I have to say, I was disappointed.  Never mind, no matter where it was hidden, we had made our own fun in searching.

The log was soaked, as was the bag holding it so I dried as best I could (probably with a hankie that the girls had blown their coldie noses in more than once - sorry, it was all that there was in my handbag!) and put in a new piece of paper with our names on.

J couldn't resist having a bit more of a wade upstream.  Yes, I'd have laughed if the branch broke.

Her feet were freezing and she'd managed to get a small pond in each wellie. How?  Who knows.  We got home and she took her wellies off and wrung out her socks.  Another box checked off on the grid and a good giggle for 20 minutes.


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