A cache or two for you

Can you spot me?
I decided I needed to move a cache having visited the area and found it under water.  Oops!

I retrieved it and plonked it somewhere else - more out of desperation than real hide technique.  I know that the D/T grids are important to people so I didn't want to downgrade it although I suspected it would be a very easy find.

A few days later it was indeed found and, as I suspected, it was too easy.

I set about making some new caches and decided to remove (by archiving) the moved cache thus retaining finders D/T grid, pop another in it's place that would be a bit harder to spot, and then take the original and place it in a new location.

A good wade through the mud and I arrived at my first location where I now placed a new cache with a more appropriate D/T level.

Away I went and found a nice hidey-hole for the original and popped that down too.  Can you spot them?

I'm easy to find if you know where to look
All accepted by the reviewer and they were in action.  Favourite point from first cacher to find the trickier hide and a quick find by him for the second location (which is duly reflected in the grid).  Another two around the area though so that's good.

Now to work out what to do with the two others I've made.  Hopefully they will be sneaky ones to find. I must go for a good stroll around with my GPS and see where I can hide them.


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