Blasted cold and cough

I've had a cold for over a week now. In fact, it's more like 2 weeks. <sniff> It's driving me nuts as I have a raggedy old cough with it too.  My head mostly feels like it's got the North Wind blowing around it and I'm getting brain-freeze without the need to at least have the pleasure of eating ice cream or a lolly to do so.  <cough> Not good.

I am sure this incessant rain, lack of fresh air (as we're not going out due to the rain) and odd sunny spell are to blame.  <sniff, sniff> At least if it were freezing cold, we could wrap up and go out but who wants to walk around getting soaked to the skin? <cough, sniff> I know, we have pretty good waterproof stuff but everyone has had colds so we don't want to risk the soaking to grab a geocache or go for a walk. <cough>  I'm going stir crazy! <sniff>  Roll on the better/cold weather and may I just say to my cold "sod off" <sniff, sniff>


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