Butterflies at RHS Wisley in the Glasshouse

Scarlet Swallowtail
Today we headed off to our favourite Garden, RHS Wisley to see the Butterflies in the Glasshouse.  We had booked a 10am slot in advance and arrived about 9.30am. Parked up easily and headed off in (having first upgraded our membership to joint - worth every penny too!).

We walked straight down to the glasshouse and no queues were there yet.   Had a look at the butterflies hatching which the girls were fascinated by.  Trouble is the glass is so steamed up you can hardly see them.  Very inconsiderate of the cocoons don't you think.  Handed in our ticket and away we went. I think the pictures say it all.  The girls loved trying to find the different butterfly types using their Butterfly Spotter Guides.  It was the first time the teen had seen them and she loved every minute.

Beautiful colours outside walking around with a chill in the air that was refreshing rather than cold. However, we were soon wishing we were in swimwear!  Coats, scarves and hats are a nuisance in rainforest conditions I'll have you know.

Blue Morpho (closed wings)

Tree Nymph

Common Sergeant


Owl (no, honestly)

Glasswing (yes, see-through wings)

No visit is complete without an orchid picture too


Malay Lacewing


Spotting butterflies

Can you spot it?

You can just see a White Morpho near the fan/light

 We had been trying to get a picture of a Blue Morpho each year with very little success.  Today we spotted one on the ground and I gave it a gentle blow and it opened it's wings....too briefly!  I missed the shot.  Another gentle breeze from me and it did it again.  After about 20 puffs we got this.


Studying together

I love this shot. I was about to take a photo of my teen, J, when this butterfly flew past.  Beautiful, if a little blurred.

Rounding the corner, I was looking at the girls when would you believe, this cheeky Blue Morpho landed on my guide!  Lots of people came over to take pictures of it.  Fantastic I'm sure you'll agree.

Naturally having gone to the effort to try and capture the Blue Morpho this year, they seemed suddenly to be everywhere showing off their colour.


Outside was just as glorious with the spring flowers blooming in the sunshine


Great name!

Just look at that sky.  The best day to be here by far.  Lucky us!

If you get a chance to see the butterflies, you won't be disappointed.  Go visit.


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