Secret London Pub

The 'Harry Potter' pub
Today I went for a meeting up in London at Chancery Lane and managed one of those fluke things - perfect transportation!  The bus was heading up the road towards me as I arrived at the bus stop so I hopped straight on, the train arrived as I walked down the steps at the station and the tubes all arrived within seconds of me getting on the platform. Consequently, I was an hour early getting to my destination!  Good thing I had looked up a local geocache to get (although I could have done a few it seems).

**Spoiler alert**

I wanted to pick up 16th Century Pub as it looked lovely.  I ambled off and soon reached near the destination - Hatton Garden.  Now, I'm not sure if you have seen the film Snatch but I honestly expected to see Arvi pop out of a shop any second!  I wanted to photograph some of the diamond rings in the windows for my friend who, well, would like to buy up the street, but I thought that the stores may not appreciate that.  They'd probably think I was getting ready for a heist!

What's down here?
I strolled past and suddenly noticed a little alleyway.  This was something out of Harry Potter surely?  Diagon Alley was in the middle of London.  Walking down, I came to the pub.  What a super little place. I only wish it had been open as I'd have loved a peek inside (and maybe a lemonade).   Isn't it cute?  (see top pic).  If you're interested in going there, it is open 11am - 11pm Monday to Friday only so you'll be disappointed if you turn up at the weekend.

I took the pubs name and counted the things required on the sign and then headed off for my meeting having taken a couple of selfie's there too.  A quick log entry hanging around suspiciously by a window full of diamonds under the watchful eye of a lady putting out even more and a photo uploaded and I was off.

Have to say my meeting wasn't in a totally unspectacular place either as you can see.  Love this architecture.  There are so many wonderful things to see in London that any day there can bring nice surprises, especially when you're a geocacher! :)


  1. this cache has been on my wish list for ages and I want to do it even more now. :) - washknight


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