Wisley Wander

The sun was breaking through, S was at school so as it's hubby's last day of holiday, we decided to head off to our favourite place again - Wisley.  N took her Skip Hop (we just love these things) rucksack and carried the snacks around with her and Diddy went for a ride in it too.  She led the way and we just followed behind.

We walked up to the left at first through the flower beds and then went to look at the water feature.  

From there we headed up the path to the new Centenary Gates celebrating 100 years of the the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Beyond were such wonderful colours of crocus.  Doesn't this make you feel Spring-like?

We walked up to the apple arboretum and sat down in the sunshine and nibbled on our little packed lunch.  This is where the decision making went wrong. We decided to walk down the other side towards the play area.  The grass did not look too sodden but boy, once we got halfway down the walk, it was like a bog.  Never mind, we've come this far so we carried on, taking pictures of the rather rusty looking sculptures on the way.  I'm not sure I'd want to pay around £10k each for these but they are nice to see.

N then wanted to head over to the Glasshouse to see the butterflies again.  I hoped there wouldn't be any queues and fortunately there weren't.  Just one group of school children enjoying the walk around. Not many photos taken in here this time as we got so many last time (see Butterflies at Wisley).

This way!

N said she would love an umbrella like this.  Wisley - butterfly umbrellas for sale in the shop?

There was a lady taking out newly hatched butterflies and putting them into a kind of soft washing bag type thing (I'm sure there's a proper name for it).  N found this fascinating.

The only butterfly I didn't get last time (I think)

It was thirsty work watching the butterflies so we stopped on the benches and N had a drink before we headed off to have a look at the fish.

Another lovely walk around timed just right as it was starting to cloud over as we left.


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