Wellies at the ready

The email had come in and a new cache had been placed. I recognised the location and suggested to J we go and have a look.  The cache description said it was best done at night but no stipulation so off we went, at 10am!

Spotted the location as we drove past and thought I caught a glimpse of colour - blast, someone else was clearly there. Oh well.  Drove on and parked up in the free car park and walked back to the location.  It wasn't a person, only a blue piece of piping.  No sign of anyone else.

Wellies on.

J went in first. Slowly and steadily as the water has only just gone down after the recent flooding.  I came in next.  Glad we always kept wellies in the boot of the car as we'd carried them with us suspecting where we would end up.

Looking around, J spotted some things hanging.  Hold on. Keys!  Ah...making sense now.  We gathered them up and then began to look around some more.  

Suddenly J said she had the cache.  Brilliant.

Now which key would fit?  Turned out the one I had picked up was the right one for the lock. Opened up and the treasure was ours!  Signed the log as FTF.  What a great fun cache, even in the daytime.

Headed back to the car after logging the find on my phone.  Gave it a favourite too.  Love this type of thing.

Got home and J logged in to log it as a joint FTF.  Someone had written "Supposed to be a night cache?" in the logs. Really? Do you have nothing better to do than worry about someone finding a cache that said it was fun at night?  Come on, lots of people find caches that are 'preferred' at night in the daytime - I've seen plenty myself.  Anyway, although this slightly irritated me (did I beat you to FTF then?  Is that why you're grumbling?) the cache owner replied saying the maximum fun was doing it at night but unlike some of his other caches which were night only (glowing pins), this was for either but he would be happy to have a second FTF (if that makes sense) at night.  All in all, a good caching experience and only a couple of miles away for another lovely FTF for us both.

I won't tell you the cache name or GC code as I don't want to spoil it for anyone local but it really is fun if you're in the Surrey area (vague enough?).


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