Bassingbourn Caching

On Tuesday of this week us girls (hubby was working) headed up to Bassingbourn to meet up with my friend L and her two daughters.  A good drive (despite the M25 having an accident that fortunately was cleared by the time we were near to the junction concerned) and we arrived safely.

Having had a good natter and then nipped out for a fabulous lunch at the pub called the Pig & Abbot (boy they do the BEST fish & chips I've had in years), we headed off to do some caching.  There was one right opposite the Pig that we tried to find but unfortunately mobile signal is at a premium around there so we couldn't check if it was still around so despite a search, we gave up.

Away we went back to L's to drop the cars, put on wellies and head off for our walk.  First cache of the day was the Church Micro Bassingbourn which was quickly spotted by J.   A good start.  We then aimed for 10 (the Bassingbourn Blitz series) as this was the next nearest.  Despite an intensive search by J with me and L also looking but rounding up 4 little cachers too, we didn't find anything here.  Not one we stayed any longer at as it was right beside the road and we weren't comfortable searching with the little ones so close to the edge.  A DNF.  Never mind. On we go.

Bassingbourn Brook was next and I spotted it as we approached. Signed for us all and then decided we needed a team name so one was thought up.  That will be a paper saver!  01 gave us a bit of a hunt and 2 adults and a teen were scrabbling around looking through much rotting wood.  We were about to give up when J made the find again. Good girl!  Go my teen!  I'm glad she did though as not suitable for little ones so close to the stream.  Another log signed.  02 was nowhere we could see.  We consulted the clue. No, not even the clue item was around.  How odd as it had been found a few days ago and yet there was nothing even close to the co-ords that matched what we were looking for.  Another DNF.  Damn.

03 was a great find by L.  J and I had scoured the area but clearly my caching senses were way off today as L looked somewhere I just had and put her hand straight on it.  Well done!  How on earth did I miss that?  I think I'll just be navigator then ;-)  04 was my find after a little search. 05 eluded us.  Being a relatively safe area for the little ones to wait (we were in a field so only danger was a tractor and we'd hear that coming...wouldn't we?) we all piled in to find this.  Read previous logs after about 10 minutes of fruitless searching.  GPS out.  Umm...we split up a bit more. Lots of suspects.  Lots of prickles!  We spread out even further. Oh come on, it has to be here.  J was dangling over the stream holding a branch trying to see around a tree when in the next field the bird scarer went off, twice.  Poor girl nearly fell in from the fright it gave her. I couldn't help but laugh.  Little ones had a minor panic then relaxed again.  J thought about shimming across some pipes but I said no.  It wasn't anything like that level of difficulty.  Damn, another DNF.

Little Known Local History 1 was a nice spot by L.  She let one of the little cachers pick this up with her help.  Log was soaking and impossible to open, never mind sign. I took this photo of L with the cache then so hopefully that will satisfy the CO (we didn't have any spare paper or anything to dry it out with).

Oh, I forgot to say, there had been much competition and grumbling of "but it was my turn" as we found various caches as the little ones all wanted to find one.  We let them where we could of course.

Lots of ducklings were spotted with their mum as we were leaving this cache.  We counted 13. J wanted to take one home with her.

Little legs were getting tired by now so we decided to call it a day and head back to L's house.  It had been a lovely walk and we could all do with a drink anyway.

I had posted about the fact we were about to go caching on my Facebook page with a photo and another friend saw the post and was fascinated by it. She looked up geocaching, signed up and went out and found her first cache.  You'll never believe this either - she looked around for a cache close to her home and decided on one out of a few options.  Guess who owns that cache?  Yes, me!  How spooky is that!

We'll be back to do some more caching with our friend around Bassingbourn soon.  Glad we had such a lovely sunny day for our walk.


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