I do not look forward to school starting again

What is it with some people?  They have children and then whine and complain every time there are school holidays.  Goodness me, get a grip!  Ok, so your usual 'life' is slightly disrupted by the children being around during the day but for heavens sake, you decided to have them?  Stop moaning!

I, for one, love the school holidays. Yes my research is almost non-existent, my day is total chaos, I'm forever tidying up and the washing basket is overflowing with multiple clothes changes depending upon who has fallen in the mud or got a wet bottom on the trampoline as it's been raining, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Life, as I know it, can just sit back and wait a while. These days are precious and to be enjoyed.  My children will grow up all too quickly so for now, let me just take it all in and love every moment - even the constant squabbling.

We had fun over the Easter break.  We went out for lunches, went geocaching, walked around RHS Wisley, had lots of garden play, visited friends and had friends over to play, went out walking, and just enjoyed each others company.  The girls argued and on more than one occasion I shouted.  That's family life.  Good, bad and ugly.  I love it!

It's been really hard today as S is now back at school. She went in just fine this morning and is a happy little soul as it's dance at school today which she loves.  N, on the other hand, is a little lost lamb around the house with me as her playmate and best friend is not here.  She doesn't go back to school until next Monday so she's pining for S.  They both put on a 'concert' for me this morning before school, playing their musical instruments together. So cute.  N keeps asking if we can pick S up yet.  Not long now little one.

We've read so many books over the holiday too. The girls have positively lapped up reading and are both coming along in leaps and bounds.  Roll on the summer holidays, that's all I can say.


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