Wisley with the Niece

Their favourite place to visit
Last weekend my niece came up to see us for lunch and a walk.  We decided to take her to RHS Wisley. I think, to be honest, she said she'd be happy to come and see it but wasn't really sure what there was to see. She was surprised when we pulled up that you would pay to walk around a garden.  Once we got in, she was amazed and enchanted.  From the initial mild sceptic, she was a convert.  We're going to take her again next time she's up as she wants to see the roses in bloom and then different seasons with us.  The joy of our joint membership.

Prickly Tulip? No, it was soft
L-R: My niece E, N, S, and J

Who stole the sculpture?
One thing we did notice though - who stole the sculpture at the top of the hill walk by Trials Fields?!  Well, to be quite honest with you, I didn't notice. It was J who pointed it out as we walked up or I wouldn't have realised until we got to the top!

The voting is open for Tulips

Our shadows

All of us on the bench.  My bottom isn't that big - honest - it was a bad angle and I was leaning in and err....!
The cacti are in bloom

Sitting on stones watching the fish

We saw this baby squirrel as we were crossing over the bridge towards the pagoda.  It was so still and didn't run away. At first my niece thought it was hurt and I began to wonder. Had it fallen from a tree?  Suddenly it turned around and had a rummage through the leaves and then went back to this position.  Sunbathing?  Who knows.  After about 5 minutes of watching it, I think it got bored of being stared at and just quietly walked away.  Never seen a squirrel do anything but dart around and dash up a tree when you get anywhere near it.

My girls, as always, had a thoroughly enjoyable time showing their cousin all of their favourite things to see.


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