Friday, 16 May 2014

Busy, busy, busy...and a squashed finger, Ninja style

N with a 'blower'
It's been busy (if you didn't gather that from the title).

I've been very tied up with my research.  All is going well and along with preparing my Brilliant Club course work, it's been heads down at the PC almost non-stop. I'm quite looking forward to half term to force myself to have some time off with my girls.

S has decided she no longer wants to dance after school. She's been doing this almost since she started school last September but she announced to me this week that she's very tired after school now and she's not learning anything new in dance. Fair enough. She has ballet at the weekend anyway.  Talking about ballet, I had to buy the girls some new ballet shoes as they'd suddenly had a growth spurt and outgrown their existing ones.  I then realised that meant I would also have to get ripped off buy some more Clarks shoes for school for them.  S's new school shoes were £38.  £38?!  I barely spend that on a pair of shoes myself.  N needed new trainers for her school too. Fortunately, they had none in Clarks in her size which is particularly good as when we got home I remembered that there were a pair of S's the same size and width fitting in the box in the garage.  I had kept them as she'd barely worn them for her last half term at nursery.  They fitted  perfectly so I ended up not picking up the ones Clarks ordered in for me (sorry Clarks!).

N has been beyond exhausted recently.  I'm sure she's on a massive growth spurt.  She complained yesterday about being tired all day and went to bed and to sleep at 5.45pm on her own! On her own is the important bit here.  She never, ever wants to go to bed before S and vice versa.  Therefore for her to snuggle down while S was still downstairs about to do her school reading to me, was amazing.

Poor little N had a bit of a run of it yesterday. You know when you tell your children to *not* stand behind you when they have crept in to the lounge or kitchen Ninja like?  Yep, that! I was hanging out some washing and stepped back to feel a crunch under my foot, shortly followed by a very big scream. Yes, I had stepped onto N's finger as she was trying to catch an ant behind me. I didn't even see her there. I felt rotten.  Fortunately her finger had a kind of squash cut (if that makes sense).  I think her finger kind of squashed and dragged a bit under my foot as a piece of skin was hanging off the top. Sudocrem and a plaster were the order of the day then.  To finish it off, she fell over and grazed her knee on the way to collect S too.  She really was tired.

Looking forward to a super weekend of sunshine, BBQ and fun with my 3 girls and hubby.  Hope you all have a nice weekend too.

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