Hoe Valley Geocaching

The weather has been a bit hit and miss over the past couple of days so we decided that as it's the first day of half term, we needed to get out.  Having a quick look on the map we spotted a few more caches appeared around the Hoe Valley and headed off to get them.

Parking up, we noticed that they seem to be doing some building work around here.  Looks like a bunch of houses going up. What a shame. It was such a lovely, green area with the stream and now a huge chunk of it has been hoarded up while multiple houses are built.  Can these councils not preserve anything anymore?

As we approached the first cache location, a muggle was leaning on the fence listening to music and, it seemed, waiting for someone. We loitered. He loitered longer. We left.  We'll try again on the way back ;-)

A nice walk along the stream to our second of the day, Bullet #8.  A nice location to stop for a moment but a bugger to find.  Oh come on, it must be here somewhere?!  Girls and hubby decided to eat the sandwiches whilst I carried on looking. Felt a bit obvious in my luminous pink coat!  Fortunately no-one about.  Finally I put my hand on it.  Hooray!  A well deserved sandwich afterwards on the bench.

Off we trotted to Troll to try out luck.  Looked both sides of the bridge (and under clearly).  Umm...read the clue.  Sure we knew what we were looking for as seen lots of these before. Disturbed every real one that was there but nothing else to find.  Fingertip search around beams and nought.  A DNF. Disappointing but never mind.  Girls enjoyed playing pooh-leaves (we had no sticks at this point) off the bridge.

Away we went past a basketball court that S described as "a small golf course". Did make us laugh.

A nice walk to Bullet #9 which gave us a good bit of searching.  We went to the wrong location at first then I wandered off ignoring the GPS and looked around others.  Soon spotted a likely hidey-place and called hubby over to delve.  Yes, I was right and he made the find.  The girls loved it and it got a favourite from us.

Some more games of pooh-sticks now in the stream with each of us choosing a stick and hubby throwing them all in.

Lovely walk back playing pooh-sticks or pooh-leaves at every bridge we came too.  We even found the world smallest park with a slide with no steps (just a very, very steep bank for the girls to clamber up) and one swing.  They enjoyed it though.

Final cache of the day was Chebarkul.  No-one around now so hubby went for a look.  No joy.  I then went and had a nose around.  Spotted it quickly but well hidden. No idea what the clue was all about but cache in hand which is all that matters.

Swans and Cygnets
Back to the car and got home just as the rain started again.


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