Fiddle Sticks

My teen and I decided to collect a cache on the way home today.  We stopped just outside Maidenhead to collect one which was a super size (and great cache container) to pop a travel bug into (and collect one too) and then headed off for the original one we were going to try - Fiddle Stick.

Parking up in the pub car park, we initially took the wrong Public Footpath. What idiot decides that two should be next to each other?!  Really....   Having expanded the map and seeing we were on the wrong one which was a bit overgrown anyway, we headed for the right one. J soon spotted the cache and in she went. Not much room for two in here but I was determined to see it.  Fantastic.  The cache was a piece of genius by JJEF (as have been his other caches that we have tried).  A very well made, clever container that needed more than one thing done to obtain the log to sign.  It took us a while to figure out but we soon did.  Log signed, and J put it all back again.

Unfortunately she felt a bit itchy afterwards and as we got back to the pub, right outside their kitchen window with two chefs inside, she had a screaming, shouting fit as had spotted a spider on her hoodie. Suffice to say she does not like spiders.  One of the chaps even came out to see if we were ok she was making such a fuss. I have to confess I borrowed her brush to do my hair as I was itching a bit at this point.


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