Windsor Carriage Ride

We headed off to Windsor today, originally to do some geocaching.  I'd found a few we could try and find along the riverside so we packed some nibbles into the rucksack and away we went.  Had a cursory look for Sidetracked Windsor as we walked past but nothing spotted despite a good feel around so we carried on our way, promising the girls we'd be back to play at the park before we went home.

We walked down to Thames Path - Windsor Bridge and made the spot very quickly thanks to J's eagle eyes while the girls watched the boats go past.  Log signed and we carried on to the Eton side and down to the riverbank. It was almost lunchtime so we stopped by some moored up boats and had a sandwich and drink in the sunshine while the swans waiting for a crust or two.

We carried on our walk down to just opposite the Leisure Centre, having a cursory look for a few caches as we went past but it wasn't too pleasant with all the dog mess around so we decided not to rummage too much, as muggles were everywhere too.  Turning around, we walked back over the bridge having bought an ice cream each first and then headed up towards the castle.

As we rounded the corner, there was a horse and carriage there. I suddenly thought what fun it would be to have a ride.  Chatting to the carriage driver he said 30 minutes was £40 so we thought, what the heck, let's do it.  Girls got in as I went to the cashpoint ;-)  We were going to go down The Long Walk and apparently he's the only one with permission to do this.  Excellent.  If you're interested in going on a Horse Drawn Carriage Ride, here's the website for the Orchard Poyle organisation (I found them on Google and yes, they are the only licensed horse-drawn taxi in Windsor!).

Off we went.  The two horses were old boys, brothers aged 30 and 31 he told us.  The plodded or trotted along a path they've probably done a million times before. It was glorious in the sunshine and the smiles on the girls faces said it all.  We turned at the end near where the road crosses and began to head back.

As we came back into Windsor, there were drums beating ahead of us.  A local reenactment society were out and made quite a sight.  A little loud for the horses though who did twitch around a bit.

What a lovely way to travel and give our weary feet a rest.  We then headed back to the car via the playground as promised.


  1. Hello, Firstly apologies if this is the third comment you have received! I'm new to this! What a lovely article. Looks like you had a fab day! Please do like our facebook page and we would love a review on Tripadvisor! I did share your blog - hope that was OK. Please do let me know if not. Best, Becca, (John's daughter).

    1. Thanks Becca for sharing the blog. Of course I'd be delighted to share a review on Trip Advisor (had no idea you were on there) :)


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