Camping or Glamping? I'm doing nothing without electricity!

We have a tent! I know, it's crazy right as I really don't do 'roughing it'.  We happened to buy it when hubby was off for his eye test.  Yes, before you ask, he had the eye test before we bought it ;-)  We were passing Millets and they had a sale. Well, really, even I can't resist the bargain of a tent reduced from £300 to £140 (and it's not even shoes I got excited about see).

Said tent arrived and we put it up in the garden.  Of course, the girls wanted to sleep in it. I was less keen.  The following day teen and her bestie were here so we decided to have a girls garden sleepover (hubby was working until the wee hours) so we put the littlest ones to bed first and at 10.30pm when we'd finished watching a DVD of The Walking Dead, we woke them up and headed for the garden.

Much giggling ensued and we found out, having settled everyone down, that the girls double airbed I had bought from Argos was going down. The point of an airbed is to keep the air in surely?  I asked the teens to swap with the little ones as I knew the little ones would never get to sleep otherwise (I couldn't as I was on a single airbed from Millets, as we the teens).  They kindly did and laid on a wafer of slightly puffy plastic all night - bless them.

We finally got off to sleep around 1am (ish). I woke about 2am when a cat (I'm guessing) made a heck of a noise jumping onto the bins outside the garden gate.  Made me flippin' jump!  I then woke at 4am (I know that was the time as I looked at my phone) as there were some people talking by our fence. At 4am? Sod off home you weirdos!  Anyway, of course then I needed a wee so had to come into the house.  At 5am the youngest girls started to giggle and chat and that was the end of sleep.  I felt jet-lagged the whole next day.

Before you ask - yes the teens slept through almost all of it and didn't emerge until around 10am when they wanted breakfast ;-)

So, I have now purchased a 'luggable loo' so no more trips out of the tent (although admittedly we're unlikely to need it if we camp in the garden again but that's not likely) and a power switch. Yes, you heard me. Power. For a tent.  Sorted!  Camping - no.  A bit of glamping - yes.  It's a cool switch that plugs into a caravan socket at the camp site and then has 20m of specially insulated lead that goes to a 3 gang socket with surge protectors, trip and amp reading thingy.  Hubby knows.  You'll have to ask him. It cost a lot and weighs almost as much as the tent but hey, safety first!

So, we're ready for camping now.  Shame we weren't when the weather was good and hubby was off work for a bit of holiday but it will all keep until the next half term so I'm hoping, as you can imagine, for a very mild October! Watch this space...


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