Goldie and Bowie

Our family has now increased in size. Yes, we have two goldfish!

Probably over a year ago, we had first seen a BiOrb fish bowl at a friend's house.  The girls were fascinated by the fish and whilst the idea of a fish tank per se was not something I wanted, this small ball of a tank looked ideal, particularly when told how easy it was to look after.  The whole idea of a large tank in the corner of my lounge that I was having to clean out regularly held zero appeal but one where I could pop out a filter, replace it simply and shove an air stone in was ideal. Lazy fish keeping - I'll take some of that!

After our visit, we looked around an aquatic centre for the BiOrb fish bowls.  I was slightly shocked at their price but, to be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect price-wise but they were certainly a lot cheaper and far less fiddly than having a standard tank.  I suppose £70-150 for a tank is quite good in fish terms.  We said to the girls we'd probably get some fish at some point and then, well, promptly forgot about it!

On a local selling page the other day, someone I knew had put up a BiOrb for £20.  Well, at that price you'd be mad not to give fish a try right?  Hubby agreed so I shot off to collect it.  Amazon did the best deal on filters, air stones and a couple of bits of greenery and so I placed the order.  On Wednesday, everything arrived so we got the tank set up.

I hadn't planned to buy fish until next week but yesterday, chatting to another friend about it (who also has a BiOrb tank) I decided to take the plunge (pardon the pun).  Once our friend had gone home, we hopped into the car and headed to Woking Garden Centre as she'd recommended them as a good place for buying the fish.

In we went to the aquatic bit (Maidenhead Aquatics). I had no idea what I could or could not get for my size tank and was hoping two fish would be fine.  I asked and assistant and he took me to which fish I could choose. He walked away. I called him back and asked him what size they would grow to (pointing at the goldfish). He said they were a form of crap...sorry, carp...and therefore would grow pretty large so two at most was his recommendation (annoying for J who now wanted a fish too!).  He walked away.  I called him back and asked if I could mix fish. He said best not.  Yep, he walked off. I called him back and said "Could you please stay here a moment as this is the first time I have bought fish and really do need some help". He stood there looking none too pleased about - shock horror - actually having to help a customer but the girls chose their fish almost immediately so moody boy netted them out into bags for them.  S picked the white and red one and called it 'Goldie'.  N picked the gold one and called it 'Bowie'.  Go figure...  Moody boy packed them up and took us to the till. I wanted fish pellets too so he gave us some of them.  I asked what I do with the fish when I get them home and was told it was written on the bag. Hey, thanks for your enthusiasm for your job and for your marvellous assistance in being so wonderfully informative and helping a first time fish purchaser and her excited children - NOT!!!!

Fish bought, we headed home.  I popped them into the tank in their little bags to acclimatise as the instructions said, adding a little of our tank water to the bags every 5 minutes.  The hour it took before each girl released their fish was very long with me being asked every few seconds "can we add some more water to their bags now mummy?", bless them.  Eventually they both tipped the bags carefully sideways and out popped the fish.  They seemed to like their new home and after a few hours, were swimming around gulping bubbles (why?) from the top of the tank.

Today the girls gave them their first feed and they scoffed it.  They kept spitting it out and eating it again much to the girls amusement.  S asked if they'd had a good sleep last night and I said I'm sure they did.  So, welcome to our home Goldie and Bowie.  I hope you live many years and enjoy swimming round, and round, and round.


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