It's good to talk Reg

 Yesterday us girls headed up to see our friend in Cambridge.  Having had a good old natter when we arrived, we decided to head out to the Pig and Abbot for a lovely spot of lunch again.

The landlady here is just wonderful and with the waitress found a table that us two adults and four children to fit around.  The price of her kids meals is amazing for what they get so I would highly recommend them if you are in the area.

The girls played their own version of Jenga and snap before the food arrived.  Once the main was eaten, they had their ice cream (fortunately L and I didn't have to fight over dessert this time) and then for being so well behaved, they chose a sweet each from the landlady's tin :)

Having enjoyed a hearty lunch, we definitely needed to walk it off a bit.  A spot of geocaching seemed the ideal solution :)

Last time we were here we had tried (for about 20 minutes) to find It's Good to Talk - Abington Piggotts but without any success. Today we were going to give it another go.  Yes, you guessed it, we must have been in and out of that phone box for about 15 minutes or more.  At one point we were almost all in there looking.  I wonder what the locals thought of us?  The girls were then all walking around and around the phone box singing "we're going to find it".  Subtle huh?  Anyway, having looked high and low, we decided to try some more unusual angles.  Bingo!  There it was.  I pointed it out to L and she was amazed too.  Little did we realise what the cache container was.  I won't spoil it for you but give it a go if you're passing.  Hooray, a find for today.

We then headed off to Litlington and parked up to do the Litlington Loop - in reverse order.  Our first find was #6.  There were definitely too many stingers here for me and my lot in sandals so we sent in a very sensible L in her trainers and long trousers to make the find.

22 Ashwell Street was next and this proved an ideal find for our littlest cacher who is just 3 1/2.  She was delighted with her find (yes we check it's all 'safe' beforehand for her to do) and it was logged against her own account.  One happy little girl.

#5 was next and I was sure I had spotted it immediately.  I ventured over and no, these were not fakes. Oops!  The other girls had actually spotted the cache so a quick find but how funny to have more than one thing that it could have been at this point.  Signed and away we went.

#4 was quite an easy spot but we disagreed with the hint.  It certainly wasn't one of those. Perhaps the hint needed updating?

#3 saw us searching when some people with dogs walked past us. They looked a bit puzzled before mouthing 'afternoon'.  For once an ivy covered tree didn't phase us and I spotted something so picked up S to make the find herself (all the girls had to find one you see). She was delighted and had it logged against her account too.  It's the little things that make them happy :)

#2 saw L nip into the shrubbery whilst I walked past to see if there was a closer entrance.  While I was looking, she made the find.  The log was getting a bit full up but she signed for us.

Litlington Clunch Pit was next and I picked up a bit of the stone to do the test on later. I hope I have the answers right as I am both useless at chemistry and geology!  Nice to get an Earthcache too though on the loop.

#1 was last of the day.  A quick find again and we pulled the log out to see that other cachers were clearly around as it had been signed by two today.  All done it was back to the cars and away home for us all.  Another lovely day with friends and some nice caching around fields.


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