Sorgenfresser Time

No, I'm not talking gibberish.  These are the girls new toys.  Saggo is on the left and Biff on the right (that's the toys names, not what my girls are called).

Sorgenfresser - or Worry Eaters - I am sure will be the new Christmas craze.  These gorgeous characters are from Gerd Hahn's TV series in Germany.  The cute little monsters have zips for mouths so children can write down or draw their worry on a piece of paper, pop it in, zip it up and their own sorgenfresser will eat it for them and take it away.  How cool is that?!

I was keen to give this a go as S (on the right) is quite an anxious little soul and does worry about all sorts - from what's for dinner to what she'll do when she leaves school (and she's only 5)! Anything that may help her is worth a go as sometimes - mostly at bedtimes - it can be very frustrating trying to calm her down when she gets all wound up about what I consider to be something 'silly' but clearly it's not to her.

There are lots of different types of Worry Eaters and sizes range from a bit bigger than the girls are holding here to keyring ones (yes, I've ordered one of those for me even though I'm not worried about anything - well, not much anyway).


N, on the left (top picture, not the one above clearly) doesn't need a Worry Eater but hey, you can't give to one without the other now can you.  I'm sure I'll find her one stuffed with money, sweets and glitter by morning!


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