A pumpkin for Cinderella

Is this one any good Cinderella?
We took one of our lovely friends to Wisley last week (well, we'd hardly take a horrible person really would we).  She's never been before so N and I decided to show her around a little, get some fresh air and enjoy the season.  Everything is beginning to change and look a little more Autumnal now.

We started our walk up the hill past the side of the garden centre but of course, the call for the toilet went up so we turned back and headed that way.  All sorted and we started our walk again, this time going past the fountains and around the lake area where N enjoyed sitting and watching the fish and ducks. One inquisitive duck wandered right up to her and then another did the same.  She thought this was great. Unfortunately they didn't hang around to have their photo taken.

We then headed off to the Glasshouse to have a look around there (I avoided the root area - what is it about that part that my girls want to go to every time? - and we had a look at the cacti and then headed in to see all the tropical plants.  A little stroll through the orchids (friend and I love them) and off for a bit more of a walk around, heading into the fruit and vegetable orchards/area.  I was amazed at the size of the pumpkins.

Our little walk over, we headed back through the rose bushes and home.


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