Basingstoke Canal Caches

We decided to have a walk today and headed off to the Basingstoke Canal at St John's, near Woking to pick up a few caches there.  It's been a fabulous sunny day here around 22C. Hard to think it's a few days off October (glad I didn't put my summer clothes away yet).

**This post contains spoilers!!**

No pipe dream
First of the day was #6A.  As we approached and started to look around, I spotted something.  Heading down to the towpath, I was sure I was correct in where I thought the cache was.  Hubby said no, it was just a 'stink pipe' and to leave it alone but something seemed odd. As he went a bit further under the bridge, I stuck to my guns and, gingerly, opened it up.  I was correct!  Amazing piece of cache building this was and definitely deserved a favourite point.  Dropped off a TB I'd been carrying around for a couple of months (first place that had space big enough for it!) and away we went with me feeling very self-satisfied.

Ivy covered tree
Lots of cyclists and joggers on the towpath as we wandered along.  Next was #6 hidden in an ivy covered tree. Ivy tends to make my eyes itch so myself and the teen stood back and the little ones peered in with hubby. It was soon spotted and S made the retrieve here.  Well camo'd.

N retrieving the cache
Last of the day for us (it was just a short, circular walk) was #5A by another big tree.  Hubby went in to check as sadly poo-bags were all around (just why dog walkers do that is beyond me).  He spotted the suspect. It was another home-made cache but the lid had not been attached securely so it was scattered all over the place.  He lifted N up who carefully made the retrieve, collecting all the bits together for us to put back into the container.  Signed and put back carefully. Hope it lasts.

We then headed home having had a nice 45 minute walk out, picking conkers up on our way which the girls are now playing with in the garden.


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