Free School Dinners

My girls went back to school yesterday and are now entitled to free school meals (well one is, the other is at nursey).  There is only one problem with this.  My 5 year old absolutely hates school dinners.  I have tried to persuade her that almost all of her friends will be having it but no, she's not swayed at all by this fact.  Packed lunches it is for her then.

I do feel sorry for her heading in to school in the morning with her bookbag, packed lunch box and bottle of water (along with the bottle of drink she has at lunchtime in her lunch box and a flask as she enjoys a hot lunch).  I'm tempted to buy her an Alpaca that she can take down the road with her to carry all the stuff!  It wasn't so bad when she was in Reception and could go straight into class and drop all the heavy stuff off but now in Year 1, she has to walk around the playground until the bell goes. I may end up taking her to school later so she has less time to trundle around, weighed down with stuff.  First day back was even worse as she had an entire PE kit to lug around too!

Littlest one has school dinners as her school do not allow packed lunches. This is fine for her as even though she's only 3, they do a cafeteria style lunch session so they have plenty of choice from the daily meal/vegetarian option or the usual salads, jacket potatoes will all sorts of fillings and pasta (of course).

It's a far cry from my school dinners. I was home to lunch girl as we did back then - can you imagine that?!  However, for 2 weeks I decided to try school lunches. Suffice to say I left school every day starving. I remember the smell of the dinner hall that used to almost turn my stomach as I entered and the absolutely disgusting food they served - cheese and bacon swirls stick in my head (and throat) as I'm writing this.  Fortunately things have come a long way since then.

Do your little ones have school meals or are they packed lunch kiddies?


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