It's too big to deliver so you have to collect it

Ruler is 17cm long (just to show the size)
Yes, I know.  What's that all about right?

Well, it seems that our new postman (who clearly doesn't have a brain cell the intelligence of a 2 year old) could not deliver this parcel.  He made an 'attempted delivery' it seems and then gave up and took it back to the sorting office rather than (a) put it in a perfectly secure, very large, accessible cupboard by our front door or (b) deliver it to one of our neighbours - all of whom were in and would have taken it for us.  Instead, I have to make a special journey to collect it proving who I am.

It's odd as Amazon, eBay, Yodel, UPS and also our old postman - everyone, it seems - manages to leave parcels so why can't this new postman?

You can imagine my shock when the man at the sorting office gave me the parcel.  "Too large to deliver" said the card.  I looked at him,  "Is that it?".  He replied that it was and it didn't fit through the letterbox hence the postman having to bring it back.  I couldn't help myself "the new postman is a total imbecile" I found myself saying to the man, "he could have left it in multiple places instead of dragging me all the way up here, the prat" and walked out.

So, I need to catch our new postman when he next comes - which is now anywhere from 1 - 4pm.  Our old postman was never that late and this new one is.  Maybe Royal Mail could get him an alarm clock?  I need to tell him quite clearly, where to put 'big' parcels next time as he will be bringing it back and forth as I'm not going to waste my time again.


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