Two Wheels Now

On Saturday, after a friends birthday party, S decided she no longer wanted her stabilisers on her bike. I have no idea why this suddenly occurred to her (no, it wasn't a cycling party) but can only assume it was due to yesterday when we went out with friends and one of her stabilisers bent quite a bit.  Whatever the reason,we removed them and then proceeded to try and help her with how to cycle without them.  You will notice I used the word try.

Nothing we said to her she listened to. We could not hold her seat and help her balance. We could not advise her to put the pedal up and push off. Nope. Nothing.  She was going to do this herself and that was that.  And do you know what?  About an hour of wobbling around trying to put her other foot on the pedal before the bike tipped over and she did it. Yes!  She cycled for 4 revolutions of the pedals.  I was jumping up and down with pride.

Yesterday, she wanted to ride around again.  First we went to the outlaws house (with bikes) and she cycled around their garden. Well, more a straight line with hubby pushing her off as granddad really does need to mow his lawn *grin* No matter, she did it - showing off to us all.

When we got home, she wanted to carry on riding. We took her to a nice pathway near where we live and off she went. She starts herself off, pedals backward a bit to get her leverage and she's away.  No help from us at all.

Today, we had promised she could go riding again so we took her over to Brooklands which has a fabulous place to ride around and the two girls went around the track and big, flat area for an hour - in the rain! No, not even rain was going to stop her.

N is a little speed demon on her bike so they had great fun whizzing around together.  I'm so proud of my little girl and her determination to do it all by herself. For such a shy, quiet person, she has some wicked determination.  Her friends are now all trying it too!


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