50% of a Brilliant Weekend

Two of the road-trippers
Last week I had training for the new Key Stage I will be teaching with The Brilliant Club.  I'm off to teach KS3 this time you see so I need to understand more about how this age group learn and how to stretch their knowledge within the remit of the Philosophy course that I will be giving.

As usual, my two friends from Royal Holloway, S & J joined me on the road trip to Hammersmith Academy.  Much chatter went on in the car about the contents of the course and, of course, what would be for lunch that day.  We are students after all ;-)  We arrived in good time, parked up and headed in to coffee and biscuits.

A good introduction in the main lecture theatre kicked off the training and then we went off into our groups to learn. I wish I didn't have the remnants of a rotten cold and chest infection as I didn't feel I was as involved as I'd like to have been.  However, it was all good and I feel I learned a lot in a very short space of time.

The afternoon kicked off with a talk from the leader of the Headteachers' Union who made us all laugh.  Very entertaining.  Afterwards we went off into more sessions to meet up with the new tutors who were starting this time and share some of our knowledge about being a Brilliant Club tutor - good and bad.

I then had to beat a hasty retreat at the end of the day as it was my middle daughter's 6th birthday the following day and I had presents to wrap, cake to bake and balloons to blow up with hubby and the teen once the two youngest were asleep.

I couldn't make the Sunday training as it was the big 6th birthday itself so I'm off for a 'wash up' session next week. I hope that doesn't mean they are making me wash up as a penance for not making the second day...no, surely not....?!

P.S. Lunch was nice


  1. We have some dirty bowls and plates ready :)

    Thanks as ever for sharing your thoughts on the training! Really appreciate you making it on what sounds like a busy weekend!


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