Anna but no Elsa (do I have to buy one?)

Elsa and Anna dancing
S went to a friend's birthday party on her actual birthday (although it wasn't quite the friends one yet)...if you followed that.

I have to say what super folk these are and to make matters even better, C's grandma had made the cakes.  Aren't they amazing?  Now as you can see, she had not made only a cake for C for her party, but also one for S!  C's cake even has a edible, sugar cape.  Impressive huh?

S had a wonderful surprise when the cake was put in front of her as it was the last thing she suspected.  Naturally huh?  I mean, how many party guests normally get given a whole cake and sung happy birthday to?  Exactly!

Anyway, even better than the very scrummy cake and super surprise that S had actually getting a cake at someone else's party...she now has an Anna from Frozen doll (the clothes were sneakily given to me at the party to hide in my handbag).   She's been very popular since as you can imagine.

She's joined a bunch of Barbie's, Aerial and two Rapunzels (Tangled variety) already in the dolls dressing up box but I have a sneaking suspicion, an Elsa doll is now going to be wanted by N for her birthday. Unfortunately I am not up to the lovely Maderia cake making of C's grandma - I may just have to buy the doll and get a cake from Sainsburys!


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