Beware...I'm about to use the 'C' word

Christmas! There, I said it.  I like to try and get a bit organised around this time of year as something I have noticed in the past few years is that things tend to creep up in price as the festive season approaches. This is particularly prominent on sites like eBay, Amazon and shops like Toys R Us and The Entertainer (who are the most expensive shop in our town for toys!).

As we all have an Amazon Wish List (yes I even add things for the children), it makes life so much easier. Friends and family can buy us things that we want and vice-versa (most have their own lists too).  Much more sociable than getting some cheap Monsoon perfume that you're never going to use in a million years or yet another men's toiletry bag for hubby filled with brands he's never heard of and never uses.

As well as shopping online, I'm raising money for S's school this year as one of the parents pointed out that they have subscribed to Easy Fundraising. So, whilst buying, I'm helping the school. That has a super good feeling to it.  Double delight at spending for Christmas then.


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