The bird said it! Daddy has smelly socks

S asked for the Little Live Pets Bird Cage toy as she had some birthday money to spend. I have to confess that I didn't expect much from it - even for £19.99 - but we have all been very pleasantly surprised.

The bird we received is a very nice looking green and yellow 'budgie' style - much better than the weird pink one shown on Amazon's page.  In fact, the one that I looked at on Amazon seemed almost 'inflatable' looking.  Can you see what I mean?

However, the cage is nice with a little catch for the door, a food bowl, a little 'stopper' to prevent the perch swinging around if you're taking it in the car perhaps, and on top of that, the perch will hold up to two birds. This, naturally, means she wants another one already *sigh*

The bird has an on/off switch (hooray!) and responds to touch by tweeting cheerily or whistling a tune when it's very happy - London Bridge or Yankie Doodle it seems.  Both girls adore it already and I can see another one of these going onto N's wish list for Christmas (ok, I confess, I've put it there now already).

The best thing about it?  You can record your own things for the bird to say.  Have a listen to our little fun one on the video.

I have to say that this little bird is a super toy for children. It says from ages 5 and upwards but N is only 3 and she works it fine. There are no small parts for younger children to be concerned about so I would say it's great from age 2 onwards personally. Even the teen thinks it's great!  We've been giving it silly stuff to say all afternoon. I can foresee messages being left for the family via bird now!

It's always lovely when a toy surprises you for the better.  This little bird cage certainly managed that.

This review was done because we all had so much fun making the bird say whacky things and, well, just because it's so darned cute!


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