16 years...

Off to Camden Market they go
...have flown past.  It was J's 16th birthday yesterday. Surely I can't be old enough to have a daughter of that age?

She had a super day celebrating. It started when we picked up her best friend and the two of them headed up to Camden Market, London on their own for a days shopping.  They had a ball (and lunch) and bought lots of band merchandise, great t-shirts and little bits and bobs.  They arrived home around 4pm having got the slow train as, of course, the one I suggested they catch was cancelled.

In the evening we went out and got a take-away curry as that's what she wanted for dinner.  We went to a restaurant locally to order. Hubby and I had eaten food from there once before and it was good so we were hopeful of another quality curry experience (it can be a bit variable around here unfortunately). I think we over-ordered. Hell, we totally over-ordered!  I  have never spent £91 on a take-away in my life (before yesterday) *fans forehead*.

The food was good but nothing exceptional. My chicken kori was basically a whole onion, cut into quarters and dumped into a little bit of curry sauce.  Not nice at all. By the time I picked out the entire onion, there was very little left to eat.  Naan were good but typically the little ones didn't like them as they weren't Sharwoods *sigh*  The rest we enjoyed.

Feeling very full and fat (that's all of us you see), we left the birthday cake for half an hour to bring in and sing.  We then left it another hour before we could manage a slice.

Chilling with a film in the evening before BIL and family arrived with their presents for J.  We even got a her a balloon (well you have to don't you).  I think it was a successful day.

Not bored - holding fringe out of the way!
So, thank you J for being a wonderful daughter. You make me proud every single day.  You are funny, kind, dedicated, have the messiest bedroom and intelligent.  We all love you so very much and hope this next year brings you joy and happiness, and great GCSE results! :)

If anyone is hungry today, we have lots of curry in the fridge!


  1. 11 months until ours has that special day. I hope she wants curry, but it's more likely to be Frankie & Bennie's!! Happy Birthday!

    1. I hope your curry isn't as expensive as our was LOL :)


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