Halloween Fun. How many sweets?

Halloween is a time the girls are very excited about. They love dressing up and visiting friends to get sweets.  First of all though, we went to one of S's school friends for a Halloween tea and some playtime. The girls really enjoyed themselves and the snacks they got.

Then it was time to go out trick and treating.  Normally we only go to people we've already asked - so a few friends and family who live locally.  So, we did our little trips out and then headed back home as we had a bit of time to kill before going to our neighbours who were expecting us.

However, for the first time, I decided that it would be ok to have a walk around the local houses.  Explaining to the girls that we would only knock on the doors of people who had pumpkins or other Halloween stuff displayed, off we went.

They had a ball!  It was surprising how many of S's school friends live locally.  Everyone was so lovely and friendly and we saw lots of other trick or treaters having fun too.  N was slightly concerned by a teenage ghost who kept making spooky noises as we passed him and his friends but she was far to busy collecting sweets to be too concerned.  Lovely "Happy Halloween" and "Thank you" for the sweets from the girls.  Proud of their manners.

The girls ended up with so many sweets their sweetie tin lids can't even shut.  I think J wishes she'd taken a bucket and dressed up too ;-)

I won't have to worry about buying sweets until next summer now it seems!  Thank you to everyone who made their evening so much fun.


  1. Aww, look at them! Bet they had an amazing time. My kids, all teens now, were wishing they could still go trick or treating, not just for the sweets but for the thrill of it. Bit of a dentists nightmare but a lot of fun. Congratulations on their manners ;)


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