Stop patronising us Mr Geldof

To start with...what she says (read the article).

Why Adele was right to ignore Bob Geldof and Band Aid

Bob Geldof has never been my favourite person. Yes, I liked "I don't like Mondays" and "Rat Trap" but that was about it.  I appreciate what he did with the first Band Aid single and his motivation and yes, it raised a lot of money.  But here we are again. May I remind you this is the 3rd time.  I can't even recall what the re-released Band Aid single was for some years ago, that's how memorable it was.

Raising money for a good cause is...well, good. He's done well this time putting together a shambles of a bunch of pop stars who nearly all, conveniently, have albums to promote and most of whom us 'older folk' have never heard of.  Is that scraping I hear at the bottom of that barrel?

Perhaps if he had asked all his celebrity friends and pop pals to put their hands into their pockets instead of making yet another bloody begging single, he'd have raised more than the current 200,000 copies at 99p each out of one of them!  I'm sure Sir Elton has that dropped down the back of his sofa!

Like the lady says, they give a bit of time, and we are asked to pay.  Stop patronising us Geldof and show us the money - the money you and your famous friends gave to help this awful disease!

Today, 19th November 2014, this article appeared in The Guardian - Why I had to turn down Band Aid. I suggest you read it.  Very interesting indeed and I have to agree.


  1. Totally agree. I read the article as well and was amazed at his audacity.

    What strikes me about all this is that so far 6000 people in west Africa have died from Ebola. However there were 161,823 deaths from cancer in the UK in 2012 alone. And an estimated 8.2 million in the world.

    Ebola is an evil virus but it is tiny compared to the bigger picture.


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