The Pigs have arrived

I ordered N some new Jelly and Bean books which arrived yesterday.  You may recall, we are huge fans of Jelly and Bean in this house  (see here and here) and the books and illustrations are a fabulous way for young children to start their reading journey.

The new books we have - The Pig Family Blends - help children develop their blending technique.  The books have 8 pages each and concentrate on using words with adjacent consonants where the medial vowel is a ‘short vowel’ ie. a, e, i, o, u.  I remember the pig family coming home with S when she started school.  In fact, all Jelly and Bean books have been definite favourites with both of my girls - and rightly so.

The stories are fun and have elements of repetition so children can learn to recognise words as well as construct them (needed for those 'red' words that they learn at school).  The fact that all the books feature characters that children can engage with certainly makes them a worthwhile addition to any home library.

Along with our order came a super extra book - thank you so much Marlene. This one helps children to understand Phonemes and Graphemes and is aimed at Key Stage 1.  Naturally N was straight at it, looking at the picture above each word to help her understand how it is spelled/sounded out and then trying the ones underneath.

I can guarantee that there will be more Jelly and Bean coming to this house as there are a few more sets we need to buy as N works her way through her existing ones.

So, now we have:

A Series 1 - 10
A Series Extra Books 11 - 16
AD Digraphs Series 17 - 24
B Series 1 - 10
B Series Extra Books 11 -16
Follifoot Farm  Series 1
Follifoot Farm  Series 2 : The Cats Who Fell Out of the Car
Pig Family Blends Series

You may notice that the 'Cats' series is one book short. I wasn't allowed to photograph that as N has her bookmark in it and it is on her reading shelf so you'll have to take my word for it that we do have it ;-)

Don't to forget to check out the Jelly and Bean website or their Twitter page.


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