Hamming it up by the Thames

We haven't been out geocaching for a while so as hubby was off today, we had a look around for some local(ish) caches and headed out to Old Windsor to pick a few up and have a walk by the Thames.
Nice and easy to park up in a residential road, wellies on and away we went. It was very chilly so I was glad we all had our hats and gloves. I say all but by that I mean all but the teen of course.  She was frozen although I'm pleased that at least she had put on a sensible coat today.
Low flying planes
Low flying planes
Our first cache was Manor of the Ham and was a nice easy spot. Hubby retrieved that for us as it was on the corner of a road. Signed Team Scorpio for us all.  Off we strolled down beside the church and around the corner onto a public footpath, admiring some houses as we passed. It was then I noticed that we were walking away from the cache. Had we made a wrong turn? We doubled back and tried to turn at a different spot but this just led us to the gates of a nursing home. Oops!  Doubling back on our double back (following still?) we then followed the original footpath to the end.  Hooray!  The Thames.  Right on top of the next cache.  Saxon Moorings was a reasonably quick spot and the youngest cacher made the retrieve. Signed and carefully replaced, we started our walk down the towpath.  
The next cache was Thames Path - St Peter's Church. Despite spotting a likely suspect as we walked past the houseboat there (the girls loved the decorations they had up), the GPS said another 30m.  We walked past and then when I looked again, we were past it.  Darn GPS.  I think my phone doesn't like the cold.  Back we went and the 2nd youngest made the retrieve.  Cache lid was breaking and contents were sodden. Fortunately the log book was in a plastic bag so spared the worst of it.  
We came to a little bridge over the entrance to one of the houses boat port (what do you call that really?) where another chap with his children were feeding the ducks.  We walked on down to the lock and the girls fed the ducks here themselves.  Glad there is no flooding for the folk living along the river this year.  Dread to think what it was like here in 2013.
20141230_132855 20141230_132903
The next cache for us was Thames Path - Ham it Up! and that was another easy spot.  Decided to walk down to the final one along the river of Bridge to Ham Island.  Another very easy spot and we opted then to walk back along the road which was much quicker as my phone was already shouting it was almost out of battery.  We were hoping to do one more but my phone died and I'd forgotten my Power Monkey.  Oh well.  It was a nice walk.
I suggested to hubby that maybe we need to get a GPS now as the battery life on our phones is getting worse it seems.  Anyone recommend a good one - not too expensive?  We need to input the caches we want to it though so I'd prefer not a bog-standard GPS.


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