Santa Special Train

We took the girls along today to Mizen's Miniature Railway in Woking to ride on the Santa Special trains.  They were very excited and we had booked our slot early to make sure we got as close to Christmas as possible (it was the last set of runs yesterday, 21st).  We arrived and exchanged our receipt for train tickets and drink/mince pie vouchers then set off to queue up.  It was really nice watching the other people on the trains.
20141221_110150 20141221_111115
Our time came and we got into a very sweet set of carriages. We each had a little cushion to sit on with one person facing forward (the children) and one backwards (the adults) in each bit.  Off we went.
20141221_111237 20141221_111338
The girls were delighted to see teddy bears and snowmen all around the track. N didn't like the smoke from our steam train and kept trying to wave it away (we sat right behind the driver).  Finally we arrived at the tunnel...sorry, Santa's meet the man himself.  He spoke to every child and they got a bag of presents.  Off we went again back around to the station.  Lovely.
20141221_112213 20141221_112321
The girls opened their presents while hubby wandered off to get me a cup of tea and the mince pies plus a few bits for the girls. It was very mild so we sat on one of the benches overlooking the station and watched other people getting on and off the trains.  Quite  a few friends from school were spotted!
20141221_111344 20141221_112932
After a bit more train spotting, we headed off home.  Another great experience with the super folk from Mizens.
That's all folks!
That's all folks!
Happy Christmas everyone!


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