Wisley Winter Walk

We've been so busy of late we've not had the chance to take a stroll around one of our favourite gardens - Wisley.  Last Friday though, N and I went out for a lovely couple of hours just wandering about together.

It was absolutely manic in the car park at 9.45am and I wondered why. It turns out there was a craft fair on so we parked up. A rather irritating parking attendant rushed over to the car to tell me to move it over more. I stuck my head out of my window and said that I gladly would once the lady next to me had finished getting her things out of her car and closed her door.  She turned around and smiled at me and thanked me.  Rude man stood there waving his 'parking' sign at me.  Well, he'll just have to wait. Once she shut the door, I moved the car - yep, a whole 12" over and he was satisfied.  You know when you give someone a day-glo coat and a sign...yes, that!  Anyway, annoyance over, we headed in to the gardens and were one of what seemed like only a dozen people walking around. It was near deserted.

I followed her and, of course, we had to go into the glasshouse. She wanted to know why there weren't any butterflies still (impatient miss) and when we got out of it, she wanted to know why the ice cream kiosks weren't open (because it's freezing).

Wisley is a great place at any time of year with the different plants and changing colours.

After our walk around we decided to pop into the craft fair and have a little look see.  Free entry to RHS members (phew) and away we went.  Fabulous saxophonist playing at the entrance which was a delight to hear.  The stands were colourful with lots of different art and crafts.  I have to say in all honesty, it was probably the most expensive craft fair I have ever been to so I'm afraid we didn't buy anything but we enjoyed the looking.


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