Fat bottom girls

I know Queen sang a tribute to a big butt but I think mine is getting a bit too big now.  Whilst I realise that I am in my very late 40s *cough*, I'm certainly not too old to still want to wear a decent bikini or swimsuit on holiday.  

It occurred to me that rather than embracing the fact that I have curves - albeit, slightly too curvy around my waist and thighs perhaps - I am a lady who has had two more children in my 40s and due to my research at the moment, I am a bit sedentary (I do hoola-hoop in the evening but that's another post!).

We are off on holiday soon and so I went upstairs and tried on my 3 swimsuits. One is purely for going to the local pool so a practical sports type. The second one was from Debenhams and is spotty with a cute little frill around it at the bottom to cover a bit of my thigh-age.  The last I bought on Amazon when we were due to go to the beach in the UK last summer and I suddenly felt rather whale-like so it looks like a kind of demented mini-dress as it covers me up so much. 

She's far to slim and pretty to need this!
You may remember I tried Slimming World (here). I clearly need to eat less to lose weight rather than eating huge plate fulls of 'free' foods.  I've therefore installed my WeightWatcher's type App again and am using that.  It has had mixed results as you will see from my blog on cutting down eating (here) and a points style diet (here).  OK, I'm totally crap at diets!

So, as I'm seriously unlikely to lose 2 stone and be a size 10 by the holiday, I decided that I need to live with the curvy/wobbly bits and find suitable swimwear. Good old M&S came to the rescue.  I bought myself a pair of 'high-rise bikini briefs'. Sounds like a weird block of flats doesn't it.  The picture was just what I was looking for - covering my wobbly mummy tum up.  

Again, if I was this slim, I wouldn't need these!
I then teamed them with a different top to brighted up that spotty look.  I'm excited about my new purchase arriving and am looking forward to wearing it on the beach on holiday.  Let's face it, I'm never going to see any of those people again am I so who cares if I'm not 'beach perfect' *grin*

So, wish me luck for losing a few pounds of wobble before my break in the sun.  I'll let you know how well the high-rises hold up!


  1. The thing is... there will always be a portion of the population who loves how you look, and a portion who hates it. However you look. Slim. Curvy. Average, or top model. So since you can't please them all, please yourself. Ignore those who won't like what they see. And enjoy the company of those who will. I know I would.

    1. You are so right Gilles. I never really thought of it that way but that's a great positive outlook. Thank you!

  2. I must also add that I'm biased in 2 ways:

    1) I like curves (from an esthetic perspective, as well as a playful one)
    2) I'm a photographer. I look for beauty in everything, and everyone I see. And then when I have the opportunity to, I express it with my camera.

    1. You have a wonderful attitude Gilles. I'm going to try and adopt that more as we can all be critical more than we can be appreciative.


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